The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf

Hi Lovely Ladies!

Do you go all out with the Special Effects Make-up for Halloween season?

I admit i don’t usually but this year i wanted to do a little experiment for you all!  Perfect timing as the lovely Caprice from Twisted Vanity has just moved in next door to the GLOW clinic.  Caprice is a seasoned Make-up Artist who specialises in SFX.  Caprice designed and created this Scary Red Riding Hood look for me just so i can show you how to safely remove it with an emphasis on preparing, protecting and nourishing your skin! Big thanks to her for collaborating with me on this! 

Watch my transformation below…

I was curious about SFX make-up, what is used? Is it safe? what is commonly used to remove it?

Caprice answered my questions and outlined some of the most common substances found in SFX.

Liquid Latex  – for light ornamentation – appears to be many formulas even for sensitive skin.  Although most contain ammonia which are known to cause skin and eye irritation – use with caution!

Spirit Gum – for attaching hair pieces (eg: moustache) and heavier ornamentation  – made of known toxic materials; solvent and adhesive.

Pros Aid – as above but used where latex allergies are a problem.

Moulding Wax and Full Coverage Make-up – to create scars and lacerations and other looks – often contains talc and silica which will clog pores and lead to breakouts.

The use of these and more likely the removal can mean skin becomes very irritated and red if not cared for properly.  Some of these adhesives need to be removed with harsh substances to ‘melt’ the bond.  Most commonly used are Isopropyl myristate (found in WD40), alcohol and acetone!

It’s not my intention to put you off occasional SFX make-up  – its fun and i thoroughly enjoyed my transformation !  BUT what can we do to prepare our skin?  Remove it safely? and nourish our skin after?

Watch how I prepare my skin and then see what i do to take it all off…

I used AlumierMD products througout my skin prep here… all available at GLOW of course… and click here to book you skin prep treatments!

Lots of Love

Free Skin Knowledge!

Free Skin Knowledge!

Hi Lovely Ladies!

Thanks for reading!

If you know me you know I’m passionate about all things skin.  If you don’t  –  I have a small clinic in Chipping Ongar Essex with a busy schedule.   But … I wanted to reach more people and share my knowledge!  So…. Let me introduce GLOW Skin Academy!

A 2 tiered Skin Learning Platform


a comprehensive skin analysis


 learn about skin conditions


  understand about ingredients to correct

First 6 bookings receive a FREE AlumierMD cleanser worth £29.50

Book a Comprehensive Skin Consultation online or please text me on 07540 851 972.


Really excited to share my knowledge with you all

Lots of Love

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