DMK Alkaline Wash

The Pain Free Hair Removal System

The DMK Alkaline Wash system is a remarkable treatment designed to reduce fine, downy hair.

This type of hair is very difficult to remove as the hair growth is usually dense and takes a long time to treat with electrolysis or laser.

The advantage of Alkaline Wash is that you can remove large areas of hair in one treatment with no discomfort as with other hair removal systems.

What is Alkaline & how does it work?

Alkaline Wash is an alkaline powder, which is mixed into a paste and applied to the skin for approximately 3-5 minutes.

The treatment works by taking the hair to a high alkaline level. This dissolves the hair and, on each treatment, weakens the hair root. The treatment is pain free.

After the first treatment the hair will grow back at its normal rate, but as treatments progress the re-growth rate will become slower and slower which will usually result in permanent hair loss of the fine downy hair.

Thick terminal hair can be cleared by Alkaline Wash, but it will grow back.

Common Questions

How many treatments will I need before the hair is permanently removed?

It is impossible to estimate how many treatments are needed as permanent removal is dependent on many things, e.g. how the hair was previously treated, how long it has been there, the reasons for the hair growth, etc. Some clients report a reduction in hair growth after just one treatment; however, there is no guarantee as every client’s skin is different.

How long does each treatment take?

The treatment usually takes approximately 1/2 hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Why do I need a patch test prior to treatment?

The patch test is usually carried out on the area to be treated and ensures that your skin is suitable for the Alkaline treatment.

Are there any side effects?

The treatment is totally pain free; however, in some cases the area can appear red and warm. This is normal and will subside in a short period of time.

Which area of my face can be treated?

Any areas of the face can be treated provided the hair type is suitable.

I have both coarse and fine growth, can I still have treatment?

Yes. The coarse dark hair will need to be treated with electrolysis for permanent removal, while the fine downy hair may be treated with Alkaline Wash. We recommend that you begin with the Alkaline Wash treatment. The coarse hairs that are not removed can then be treated with electrolysis 7-10 days later.

How often should I have treatment?

Initially every two weeks. After your first Alkaline Wash treatment the hair will grow back at its normal rate. But as treatments progress, the re-growth rate will become slower and slower and your time between treatments will increase. Some clients go months without needing an Alkaline Wash treatment.

Will the treatment stimulate the hair?

No, as the Alkaline has a dissolving and damaging effect on the follicle it is impossible to stimulate hair growth.


  • The treatment is pain free.
  • Large areas can be removed in one treatment.
    Ideal for people who are not suitable for waxing or electrolysis. • Works for hair without colour unlike laser treatments
  • Works well when combined with electrolysis.
  • Can lead to permanent hair removal.

Home Care Instructions.

  • Do not sunbathe or use a sun-bed for at least 7 days.
  • Do not apply make up to the area for 12 hours.
  • Use Herb & Mineral mist and Seba E Oil for 4 days at home after treatment and DMK Transdermal Sunscreen continuously.
  • Apply Contraderm Crème 3 or 4 times per day if there is excessive redness of the treated area.
  • Inform your Practitioner if you are taking any Medication or Vitamins
  • Inform your Practitioner if you think you may be pregnant.


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