How to get fabulous brows?

How to get fabulous brows?

Natural, tattooed, microbladed, tinted and waxed, bushy or groomed – how do you do yours? 

In the last few decades the importance of eyebrows and their impact has come to the forefront, we’ve seen many trends, but it seems a fuller, well-shaped brow is here to stay! It really can make all the difference to facial features, literally transforming a face in some cases. But what’s the lowdown on brow treatments, what are our options and what is really important?

What makes a great brow?

In a nutshell; placement and structure. Brows should roughly fit a measurement criteria and a brow specialist would be able to help you with this but as a rough guide, see if yours fit with this simple guide:

Glow Tattoo Eyebrows

Use something straight to measure, a pen or makeup pencil will do.

  • Brow should start in line with edge of nose ‘flare’ and inner corner of eye.
  • Corner of nose to outer edge of pupil should give you the position for your arch.
  • Corner of nose past outer corner of eye should give you your brow end point.
  • The tail should not come lower than the bulb.

If not, reach out to a brow professional that can help you get them to how they should be. There are so many great options now; makeup, temporary tint, henna or semi-permanent tattooing. Let’s look at some of these options;


There’s a huge array of brow pencils, pomades and mascara gels out there. The key is experimenting to find your favourite product. I personally like the mascara type wands with coloured ‘fibres’ which make your brows look fuller whilst holding them in place – try Brow Boost by Eyebrow Queen which have a great colour selection or Gimme Brow by Benefit.

Brow Colour Boost EyebrowQueen 

EyeBrow Queen Pro Brow Colour Boost  £25 on sale at Glow


Now comes in a wide range of colours and really does last much longer than traditional tint if done correctly, it also temporarily tints the skin for a fuller look.


You can’t beat a good tint and wax, but the results don’t usually last long… if you want more staying power but aren’t ready to take the more permanent plunge, look at HD Brows. This is a fantastic service and specially trained technicians will help you grow, groom and perfect your Brow Colour Boost natural brows! Visit to find a technician.


A tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to create tiny hair like incisions, pigment is then applied to the skin and heals in these incisions. When correctly applied it can create fine hair stroke-effect brows. Pigments should be implanted very superficially which means it generally will fade faster than the machine method, requiring 6-12 month colour boosts.


Using a specialised tattoo ‘pen’ with a needle cartridge, this motorised device creates tiny ‘dots’ either in a line for a hairstoke effect or dusted, for a more shaded effect. Pigment is implanted nearer the surface of the skin than a traditional tattoo meaning it will gradually fade in time, and will require maintenance. 12-18 month colour boosts are recommended.

Tattoo Eyebrows

An example of a machine method brow in progress 

Tattoo Eyebrows

An example of a fully healed tattooed brow

Both of these treatments should be carried out by micro-pigmentaton specialists and it is crucial you do your research to find a reputable technician. Style of work will vary and you should look at before and after pictures and ask to see healed results. These treatments should never be carried out in your home – only in a registered premises. Hygiene is of the highest priority with these treatments and you should feel comfortable with this when you attend your appointments.

If you are considering semi-permanent options, I have tried to offer an unbiased view here – I myself offer the semipermanent tattoo machine method and have 14 years experience @carlykent1 but please do check out Link for some of the best microblading work I’ve seen. | 07540 851 972 |

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This article was written for Aspire Essex Magazine Issue 11. The full magazine can be read here


A Guide to Unravelling Eye Skincare

A Guide to Unravelling Eye Skincare

When should we start thinking about treating our delicate eye area? Is it one size fits all? Read on for Carly’s thoughts and suggestions.

The skin surrounding the eyes is much finer than anywhere else on our bodies and does need to be treated with care, but it can also be overburdened, so gently does it…


  • Avoid rubbing your eyes – this dragging can stretch the skin, causing sagging over time
  • Keep hydrated! Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day – yes, it will make an enormous difference to all your skin, not just the eyes
  • Be mindful of the ingredients in your makeup and skincare, avoid harsh chemicals and preservatives, buy as ‘natural’ as possible
  • Get plenty of beauty sleep – it sounds obvious but eyes really do need rest to recover
  • Wear sunglasses as much as possible when outside – they will prevent squinting, leading to early wrinkle formation but will also protect against harmful UV rays
  • Think small – tiny amounts of eye product is all that is needed to get big results
  • Puffiness? Try a massage tool made from cool natural stone or copper to help move stagnant blood and lymph away from the area. There’s lots of tutorials on YouTube – search ‘gua-sha’


Weleda Facial Oil


Carly recommends removing eye makeup with a super delicate natural oil on dampened cotton wool – the oil will emulsify the makeup and wipe away easily without scrubbing. Perfect for delicate skin and sensitive eyes.

“My absolute favourite is Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil, it’s so delicate and just feels so kind to my sensitive eyes.”

AlumierMD Eye Cream

Maintain and Hydrate

Less is pretty much always more with skincare, and especially around the eyes. Consider starting an all-round hydrating eye cream in your late twenties; a tiny amount tapped around the orbital bone and under the brows can work wonders. The thin skin will take the product exactly where it needs to go. Avoid anything rich, balmy or oily for this area, this could actually cause puffiness and eye bags.

“I like to tap a tiny amount of eye cream around my eyes after applying my makeup in the mornings – my favourite product is light reflective and really brightens.”

AlumierMD Alumineye – This brightening, hydrating, anti-ageing cream formula reduces darkness and puffiness while increasing firmness and elasticity.

AlumierMD Retinol Eye Gel

Treat and Prevent

Retinol is an essential tool when it comes to ageing, thickening the dermis and improving cell turnover – this wonder ingredient really can halt wrinkles and smooth those already forming. But do not be tempted to use your normal retinol product near your eyes – in most cases it will be too powerful causing irritation and discolouration. Use a product specifically designed for the eyes, and only use it in the evening before you go to sleep.

AlumierMD Retinol Eye Gel – This innovative, micro encapsulated anti-ageing gel dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin. | 07540 851 972 |

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This article was written for Aspire Essex Magazine Issue 10. The full magazine can be read here

Do you want the perfect Bridal Skin?

Do you want the perfect Bridal Skin?

Want perfect skin in a hurry? Did the global pandemic mess with your wedding skincare plans? Perfection may not be achievable in a very short space of time but there is lots you can do to make sure you are radiant on your big day…



  • Increase your water intake to around 2-3 litres per day. Hydrated skin cells will ensure your skin’s barrier is functioning adequately, preventing pimples, blemishes, darkness and wrinkles.
  • Add a hyaluronic acid based serum, ideally with a low molecular weight or multi-weight hyaluronic acid. Water will be attracted to these molecules ensuring skin is remaining hydrated from all the water you are drinking.
  • Increase cell turnover by gently adding an AHA to your night routine. I prefer lactic acid as the molecule is larger, remaining nearer the surface – really brightening, hydrating and gently sloughing the dead cells hanging on to the surface. Look for a serum base with additional healing properties.
  • No time for a facial? Invest in a crystal fiber mask. These latest generation masks are designed to enhance the cell renewal process, restructure the hydrolipid layer and increase hydration. Use the evening before your big day – relax for at least 30 minutes for it to take full effect, before massaging in any remaining serum and get plenty of beauty sleep.

Suggested products are available from GLOW


AlumierMD AHA Renewal Serum

A clarifying formula with a mixture of exfoliators and hydrators to reduce the visible signs of ageing and promote brighter, firmer and more radiant skin. Lactic acid (8%) removes dead skin layers, speeds cell turnover, reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Allantoin, sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B5 hydrate, while green tea and arnica soothe the skin.

AlumierMD Ultimate Boost Serum

A lightweight serum that boosts hydration and enhances the skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier with sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide. MATRIXYL® Synthe’6® strengthens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect to use as a booster under moisturiser.

Crystal Fiber Mask By Mesoestetic®

Latest-generation face mask is made from crystal fiber, a material for medical use based on 3D nano-fibers and is 100% natural, safe and hygienic. It adapts perfectly to the contours of the face, having an occlusive effect that improves the permeability and carrying efficiency of the active ingredients. Recommended whenever the skin needs to recover optimum levels of hydration and elasticity. | 07540 851 972 |

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This article was written for Aspire Essex Magazine Issue 09. The full magazine can be read here


Skin Health: Sun and SPF

Skin Health: Sun and SPF

Carly Kent is an aesthetic practitioner and the founder of GLOW medi-aesthetics located on Ongar High Street. GLOW is a reputable stockist of AlumierMD products. Carly has prepared a short guide to sun safety and how to choose your SPF wisely.



  • rays cause deeper damage (photo-damage), tanning and DNA mutations which may lead to skin cancer
  • accounts for 95% of UV reaching the Earth
  • radiation is 20x more abundant than UVB radiation
  • has ability to damage cells in lowest layer of epidermis where most skin cancers arise
  • penetrates deeper into the dermis damaging collagen, elastin and capillaries


  • rays cause burning and DNA mutations which may lead to skin cancer
  • only accounts for 5% of the sun’s rays
  • causes reddening of the skin (sunburn)

We have become increasingly aware of the risk caused by too much sun exposure, but did you know that most ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreens offer little protection against UVA rays? In fact, SPF is a measure of protection against UVB rays only! Therefore using a product with a high SPF encourages people to stay in the sun for longer. Yes, they experience less burning, but unfortunately receive much more damaging UVA exposure.

Did you Know?

  • 86% of melanomas can be attributed to UV radiation exposure
  • using tanning beds more than 10 times increases risk of developing melanoma by 34%
  • just ONE blistering sunburn in childhood DOUBLES the chance of that person developing a melanoma


Skin cancer is by far the most common of all cancers and being aware of the risks is crucial to managing our skin health. There are three main types to be aware of:

  1. basal cell carcinoma, these occur most frequently and rarely spread beyond the tumor site
  2. squamous cell carcinoma are the second most common, affecting the the skin’s upper layers which can be dangerous if allowed to grow
  3. melanoma, the least common, yet most dangerous form of skin cancer


  • monitoring your skin moles – always watch for abnormal moles or growths and contact your GP as soon as possible if you notice any of these changes:

Asymmetry –  Has the shape changed?

Border – Has it become uneven?

Colour  – More than 1 colour or changed colour?

Diameter –  Is it growing? Is it more than 6mm?

Elevated – Has it become raised?

  • be sun safe – regular daily use of a physical sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 will reduce risk of developing a melanoma by 50%
  • sunscreen should be used all year round, not just during the summer months
  • avoid tanning beds



  • sits on the surface of the skin
  • will not absorb into the bloodstream
  • reflects and scatters UV rays

Active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium oxide


  • absorb and deactivate UV rays changing the light energy to heat
  • tiny particles are absorbed by skin and can penetrate bloodstream
  • chemical filters are hormone disruptors and have been found in urine and plasma
  • known as carcinogens and allergens

Ingredients will include one or more of these – Octocrylene, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, Octisalate, Homosalate, Avobenzone.


AlumierMD Sheer Hydration SPF 40

Also available in a versatile tint which adapts to individual skin tones


A sheer, moisturising 100% PHYSICAL broad spectrum facial sunscreen for all skin types. This will provide powerful broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Free from chemical filters and packed with antioxidants and vitamin E to further protect the skin from UV damage.

AlumierMD was developed by a global team of scientists, dermatologists and leading industry professionals. Through advanced proprietary chemistry, AlumierMD has optimised the bio-availability of each molecule in the ingredients used. As a result, their scientific formulations deliver exceptional results.

Statistics and facts taken from AlumierMD: Educational Paper: Melanoma. | 07540 851 972 |

Essex House, 118 High Street, Ongar, Essex, CM5 9EB

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Big Love 

The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf

Hi Lovely Ladies!

Do you go all out with the Special Effects Make-up for Halloween season?

I admit i don’t usually but this year i wanted to do a little experiment for you all!  Perfect timing as the lovely Caprice from Twisted Vanity has just moved in next door to the GLOW clinic.  Caprice is a seasoned Make-up Artist who specialises in SFX.  Caprice designed and created this Scary Red Riding Hood look for me just so i can show you how to safely remove it with an emphasis on preparing, protecting and nourishing your skin! Big thanks to her for collaborating with me on this! 

Watch my transformation below…

I was curious about SFX make-up, what is used? Is it safe? what is commonly used to remove it?

Caprice answered my questions and outlined some of the most common substances found in SFX.

Liquid Latex  – for light ornamentation – appears to be many formulas even for sensitive skin.  Although most contain ammonia which are known to cause skin and eye irritation – use with caution!

Spirit Gum – for attaching hair pieces (eg: moustache) and heavier ornamentation  – made of known toxic materials; solvent and adhesive.

Pros Aid – as above but used where latex allergies are a problem.

Moulding Wax and Full Coverage Make-up – to create scars and lacerations and other looks – often contains talc and silica which will clog pores and lead to breakouts.

The use of these and more likely the removal can mean skin becomes very irritated and red if not cared for properly.  Some of these adhesives need to be removed with harsh substances to ‘melt’ the bond.  Most commonly used are Isopropyl myristate (found in WD40), alcohol and acetone!

It’s not my intention to put you off occasional SFX make-up  – its fun and i thoroughly enjoyed my transformation !  BUT what can we do to prepare our skin?  Remove it safely? and nourish our skin after?

Watch how I prepare my skin and then see what i do to take it all off…

I used AlumierMD products througout my skin prep here… all available at GLOW of course… and click here to book you skin prep treatments!

Lots of Love

It’s all Change!

It’s all Change!

‘A warm welcome to you, I’m thrilled you are reading my first ever blog post on my new website! we have a new look and this month we launched a new skin treatment!’

My name is Carly Kent and i am a self confessed skin geek! My first love was semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, I’m still busy with this and very much enjoy creating beautiful, natural brows.  My passion is SKIN (i’m a little obsessed to be honest) and i love nothing more than helping transform it for my clients.  GLOWing skin is always in and i work with a multitude of resources and skills to achieve this.  But it’s not all about treatments and here i will share with you my knowledge, tips and recommendations.

I really hope you like it and learn something new.

Till next time

Carly x