Carly Kent – Eyebrow Tattoo Specialist

Clients benefit from Carly’s extensive research, training and over 14 years experience.  A bespoke approach is taken to every client to ensure that optimum, natural results are achieved.

Carly believes that natural, subtle enhancement is the key to beautiful permanent make-up. Our permanent cosmetic solutions, often referred to as, permanent make-up, semi-permanent make-up, micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, use advanced techniques to achieve excellent results.

Why should you consider Eyebrow Tattooing ?

  • You want to look effortlessly fresh-faced, wide awake and vibrant, without the hassle of wearing conventional make-up
  • You have difficulty applying your makeup because of poor vision, loss of grip or unsteady hands
  • You have sensitive skin or an allergy that prevents you from wearing make-up
  • You’re a busy mum or a busy professional with no time to apply make-up
  • You’re a sportswoman who wants to look good without worrying about sweating off your make-up
  • You’re an actress, model or entertainer and you need to look presentable at all times
  • You’ve lost your brows and lashes through alopecia or chemotherapy treatment

Why choose Carly Kent?

Carly is passionate and driven to be at the top her field.  Regular training to keep ahead of the trends and thousands of treatments performed means you are in safe hands. Carly adopts highest possible hygiene standards and is registered by local authority to carry out micro-pigmentation on her premises.  Carly believes permanent make up should look natural not noticeable and as such will work with your natural features and colourings to create the perfect enhancement for you.

Why are eyebrows so important? 

Often considered the most important facial feature, eyebrows frame your eyes and draw attention to this part of the face. Without brows eyes can seem to disappear. Correctly shaped and positioned brows can transform your look and help you to achieve a more youthful appearance. An eyebrow can be recreated ‘hair by hair’ when there is little or no natural hair present, or when there is hair present, can help to make this more enhanced and defined.

How will Eyebrow Tattooing benefit me?

Clients visit Carly for many different reasons:

  • They have no eyebrows at all, after years of plucking or due to a medical condition
  • Their eyebrows are patchy or sparse in areas and lack definition
  • They have a good amount of eyebrow hair, but it is unruly and out of shape, again requiring definition
  • They wish to create perfectly groomed brows, without needing to draw them on or worry about wiping them off!

“5 star I cannot recommend Carly enough! I had my eyebrows done at Glow and she completely put me at ease straight away and I instantly knew I was in good hands, she spent so much time making sure the colour and shape was right for me and completely supported me throughout the healing process. I’m so happy with the outcome and cannot wait for my next appointment. Could not recommend her enough and I definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else. Xxx”
Alexandra O

“Amazing work, very professional. Carly takes a lot of time with you as she is such a perfectionist… :0) I would recommend her to everyone xxxx”
Danielle B

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