When should we start thinking about treating our delicate eye area? Is it one size fits all? Read on for Carly’s thoughts and suggestions.

The skin surrounding the eyes is much finer than anywhere else on our bodies and does need to be treated with care, but it can also be overburdened, so gently does it…


  • Avoid rubbing your eyes – this dragging can stretch the skin, causing sagging over time
  • Keep hydrated! Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day – yes, it will make an enormous difference to all your skin, not just the eyes
  • Be mindful of the ingredients in your makeup and skincare, avoid harsh chemicals and preservatives, buy as ‘natural’ as possible
  • Get plenty of beauty sleep – it sounds obvious but eyes really do need rest to recover
  • Wear sunglasses as much as possible when outside – they will prevent squinting, leading to early wrinkle formation but will also protect against harmful UV rays
  • Think small – tiny amounts of eye product is all that is needed to get big results
  • Puffiness? Try a massage tool made from cool natural stone or copper to help move stagnant blood and lymph away from the area. There’s lots of tutorials on YouTube – search ‘gua-sha’


Weleda Facial Oil


Carly recommends removing eye makeup with a super delicate natural oil on dampened cotton wool – the oil will emulsify the makeup and wipe away easily without scrubbing. Perfect for delicate skin and sensitive eyes.

“My absolute favourite is Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil, it’s so delicate and just feels so kind to my sensitive eyes.”

AlumierMD Eye Cream

Maintain and Hydrate

Less is pretty much always more with skincare, and especially around the eyes. Consider starting an all-round hydrating eye cream in your late twenties; a tiny amount tapped around the orbital bone and under the brows can work wonders. The thin skin will take the product exactly where it needs to go. Avoid anything rich, balmy or oily for this area, this could actually cause puffiness and eye bags.

“I like to tap a tiny amount of eye cream around my eyes after applying my makeup in the mornings – my favourite product is light reflective and really brightens.”

AlumierMD Alumineye – This brightening, hydrating, anti-ageing cream formula reduces darkness and puffiness while increasing firmness and elasticity.

AlumierMD Retinol Eye Gel

Treat and Prevent

Retinol is an essential tool when it comes to ageing, thickening the dermis and improving cell turnover – this wonder ingredient really can halt wrinkles and smooth those already forming. But do not be tempted to use your normal retinol product near your eyes – in most cases it will be too powerful causing irritation and discolouration. Use a product specifically designed for the eyes, and only use it in the evening before you go to sleep.

AlumierMD Retinol Eye Gel – This innovative, micro encapsulated anti-ageing gel dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin.

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